Gluten Free Protein Powder List. 10 Popular Brands

There are many gluten free protein powder brands on the market.
Plant based or animal based powders options.
Protein powder is a concentrated powder made out of animal or plant based source.
Make sure to look for the GF icon on the product to know if it’s gluten free or not

Celiac Disease for Dummies. Everything You Need to Know About Celiac

Celiac disease affects about 1% of the world population. If you do not treat celiac by simply avoiding foods that contain gluten, it can cause damage to other organs in the body. People with celiac can’t eat foods that contain the wheat protein called gluten. The only treatment as of today is simply not eating foods containing gluten. Celiac disease for dummies is a page dedicated to provide info on celiac disease without using complicated and medical language so that the common person can understand and learn. *Please … Continue Reading »