About Us

On this website we will try and educate, and inform the users about which foods contain gluten or not, about recipes for delicious meals completely gluten free and share valuable information about celiac and other gluten free related topics.

We are a group of healthy living people who share their passion for gluten free food and life.

Why should you follow Gluten Free Heroes?

We started this website to help people get fast answers for their gluten free questions. As a father of a celiac child, and avoiding gluten myself, I learned that every time you want to eat something, or cook something, you waste a lot of time searching for ingredients and in facebook groups about if you can or can’t consume it.

That’s why this site is going to give you all the answers you need related to gluten free foods, recipes and more.

My story

I learned that my daughter has celiac disease when she was around 2 years old. While most people live with celiac for years before getting the right diagnostic, ” luckily ” for us, our daughter had all the telling signs that come with the disease:

  • Bloated belly.
  • Horrible Diarrhea
  • Poor mood swings
  • Loss of weight.
  • Eventually turning anaemic

When we saw all these signs, and obviously turned to Google for some help, celiac disease popped up and we figured it seems like a fit. Fast forward a few doctor’s appointments and all the testing required to confirm it, she got the official diagnostic.

At first, we were heart broken, how can our little girl has this, we obviously immediately switched her to a Gluten Free diet and I myself started eating gluten free as well. As time went by and we educated ourselves about the disease and the new nutrition lifestyle, I decided to start this website as a free resource to people suffering for celiac or just anyone looking for information on what is safe to eat or not.

I am not a doctor, and this site doesn’t provide medical advice, or even nutrition advice, I used my knowledge in online marketing, entrepreneurship habits to create a place where you can find if a certain food item is gluten free or not within seconds.

The team working on this site ( myself included ) use all their powers of research to verify that the info provided here is as accurate as could be ( *again please do not blindly trust the internet for health information ) and we hope this helps a few people.