About Gluten Free Heroes

I started this website with one goal in mind. To share which foods are gluten free. That’s it. As having personal experience with eating gluten free and trying to find quick answers to what foods are GF and which are not.

After seeing too many websites and blogs give false information, or just blabber endlessly until they give me my simple answer.

I decided it’s time to create a better resource on the subject.

Why should you follow Gluten Free Heroes?

I started this website to help people get fast answers for their gluten free questions. As a father of a celiac child, and avoiding gluten myself, I learned that every time you want to eat something, or cook something, you waste a lot of time searching for ingredients and in facebook groups about if you can or can’t consume it.

That’s why this site is going to give you all the answers you need related to gluten free foods, recipes and more. Ideally, quickly and easily.

My story

I learned that my daughter has celiac disease when she was around 2 years old. This was 4 years ago.

While most people live with celiac for years before getting the right diagnostic, ” luckily ” for us, our daughter had all the classic telling signs that come with the disease:

  • Bloated belly.
  • Horrible Diarrhea
  • Poor mood swings
  • Loss of weight.
  • Eventually turning anaemic

When we saw all these signs, and obviously turned to Google for some help, celiac disease popped up and we figured it seems like a fit. Fast forward a few doctor’s appointments and all the testing required to confirm it, she got the official diagnostic.

At first, we were heart broken, how can our little girl has this, we obviously immediately switched her to a Gluten Free diet and I myself started eating gluten free as well.

As time went by and we educated ourselves about the disease and the new nutrition lifestyle, I decided to start this website as a free resource to people living with celiac or just anyone looking for information on what is safe to eat or not if you avoid gluten.

After living gluten free for 4 years now, and obviously having a daughter who has Celiac, I feel like I am well educated and knowledgable to provide advice for other parents out there who are maybe just entering the world of GF.

I oversee and edit EVERY article that is published on this site, if I didn’t write it myself, I review it and make sure it’s factionally correct, and accurate. I have more than 15 years of entrepreneurship experience, specifically with building online businesses, and creating informational websites and products.

Combine that with my own personal life style as a GF person, and you can bet the info we publish here is as accurate as it can be.

Disclaimer – Having said all that, please do not just blindly trust things you read online, not because I am not confident in the content we put out, but because life is fluid, and things change, and one person situation is different from another.

We do not claim to give medical advice, and the information provided on this site is to be used as information only, just use your common sense.

The team

Nir Alony
Founder of Gluten Free Heroes

Nir is an online entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in launching and growing informational websites and products. Have been living Gluten Free for more than 4 years now – and very strict about it, Nir has personal experience with GF living and how to avoid gluten at all cost. Nir regularly consult and give advice to other parents that are just entering the world of GF and showing them how to live with Celiac or a GF diet in a more manageable way.

Johnny Gertfield

Johnny has a few years of experience working as an editor for food related blogs and online magazines. He also holds a M.A in English and lives a GF lifestyle by choice. When he is not writing for Gluten Free Heroes you will probably find him riding his bike on some cool off-road track.

Diana Silvernote

Diana has extensive knowledge in nutrition and food in general. She writes for Gluten Free Heroes and publishes content about Gluten free products and recipes.

Her experience as a writer for many popular online magazines across the years makes her a unique team member of the site and with massive value to give.

When she’s not writing you can find her exercising or taking long walks with her family.

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