Are Takis Gluten Free? Info and Alternatives

The short answer is: NO. Takis are not gluten free. the popular chips may contain gluten and is not safe to eat by people who have celiac or avoid gluten.

Are Takis gluten free? NO. by just picking up a bag of Takis most would think it is ok to eat because the ingredients contain mainly corn and other stuff that are naturally gluten free.

However, it also have a few problematic ingredients that may contain gluten like yeast extract, which is usually made of wheat or barley.

Takis chips are super-spicy, made of corn, a gluten free ingredient. However, the brand makes it a point to mention on the package that the product may contain gluten and other allergens. Even other snacks under Takis, from potato chips to popcorn, from nuts to corn snacks, come with the same warning.

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Takis Gluten Free Confidence Score

What are Takis – Tortilla Chips or Rolled Tacos?

Takis, a popular snack, is a favorite among those who love spicy food. It is a product by Barcel, which is a division of Grupo Bimbo.

The product range includes various snacks, most of which contain corn, while the rest include nuts, potatoes, and more. Unfortunately, none of the Takis snacks are gluten free.

The products come in packages that clearly mention that the snacks are not gluten free. That is mainly because the tortilla chips and other snacks are made in facilities that process wheat and make other products that contain wheat.

As a result, even the corn chips may end up with gluten content in them.

This might happen as a result of cross-contamination. It is also evident that the ingredients used in Takis are not tested for gluten content.

Are Takis Gluten Free?

The flavoring and coloring agents used in Takis have gluten content or end up with gluten as a result of cross-contamination. So Takis chips are not safe for celiac patients.

Ingredients of Takis

Ingredients of Takis tortilla chips include the following:

  1. Corn masa flour
  2. Lime
  3. Vegetable oil ( palm/soybean/canola/rice bran oil )
  4. Salt
  5. Sugar
  6. Citric acid
  7. Maltodextrin
  8. Monosodium glutamate
  9. Onion powder
  10. Chili pepper
  11. Hydrolyzed soy protein
  12. Yeast extract
  13. Flavors ( natural and artificial )
  14. Color ( artificial )
  15. Disodium guanylate
  16. Disodium inosinate
  17. TBHQ ( preservative )

Are Takis chips vegan or vegetarian

Takis may contain eggs and milk, therefor they are not vegan and are not suitable for people who eat a vegan diet.

That’s not the only reason why Takis chips may not be considered vegan. These snacks also use a particular dye called Red 40.

This dye does not contain animal products, but it is tested on animals. As a result, people who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet for moral reasons prefer to stay away from Takis.

Alternatives to Takis that are gluten free

The Better ChipCabo Chips
Garden of Eatin’Late July
Mission Foods

For people who really like the taste of Takis but are also avoiding gluten, below we listed a few good alternatives that are gluten free.

Let’s take a look at some of the gluten free brands offering tortilla chips.

  1. The Better Chip
The better chip - jalapeno

If you are severely allergic to gluten, it’s time for you to shift to a healthy snacking option, i.e., The Better Chip.

You can choose different flavors of this gluten free corn tortilla chips.

This brand offers tortilla chips that are tested and certified as gluten free. So, you can incorporate this snack into your healthy diet.

2. Cabo Chips

Cabo Chips - thin and crispy

Cabo Chips is a brand known for its gluten free, healthy tortillas. It also has a range of deliciously flavored tortilla chips.

Each package of Cabo Chips proudly mentions that it is a gluten free product.

So you can enjoy these tortilla chips without worrying about getting allergic reactions from consuming gluten.

3. Garden of Eatin’

Garden of eatin - blue chips

One of the most interesting things about the brand Garden of Eatin’ is that it has a range of tortilla chips of different colors of corn.

You’ll get blue chips, yellow chips, and white chips, as well as multigrain chips and potato chips.

The brand, certified as gluten free as mentioned on the pack, is absolutely safe for you.

4. Late July

Late july blue corn dippers

Another brand that creates tortilla chips for people with celiac disease or gluten allergy is Late July.

It has a wide range of tortilla chips that are free from gluten content.

The packets in which these chips are available clearly carry the “gluten free” label, which proves that these tortilla chips are safe for you.

5. Mission Foods

mission - corn and rice

Mission Foods has a special range of tortilla chips that are marked gluten free.

Even though they are processed in facilities that also handle gluten products, you still do not need to worry about the gluten content in the chips.

Just pick the tortilla chips that contain the label “gluten free” for the safe option.

Final Lines

Takis, a brand known for tortilla chips for those who love nothing but fiery hot food, is a favorite among many people.

But it’s not for people who are allergic to gluten or have celiac. That’s because even though they are made of corn tortillas, the brand gives a clear warning regarding the presence of gluten in the chips.

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