Does Fish Sauce have Gluten? Info and Gluten Free Brands

  • Fish sauce may or may not contain gluten.
  • However, it might be made gluten-free.
  • The gluten content depends upon the brand and the process itself.
  • There are some famous gluten-free fish sauce brands available in the market.

Does fish sauce have gluten? Fish sauce is quite a famous ingredient in oriental countries. Specifically speaking, Asian countries and their cuisines are renowned for using fish sauce in them. And this ingredient has been quite prominent in the west as well. And therefore, the popularity of fish sauce is spread worldwide. 

Well, that is a good thing! However, the problem hits us exactly at the moment when the word ‘gluten’ comes into consideration. 

The present-day scenario of health consciousness has made people much more serious about glute and its side effects. Hence, the obvious question of the presence of gluten comes up. 

Here we will be discussing fish sauce and the gluten factor. 

So hold tight!

Does fish sauce have gluten? Fish sauce: An overview

Does fish sauce have gluten?

If you are thinking about what precisely fish sauce is, look no more.

Fish sauce is a typical ingredient in Asian cooking. It is made utilizing fermented fish or krill. 

The fish is generally covered in salt and aged for up to two years to create a dull brown-colored fluid. It is used as a base for sauces. Also, it is quite famous for seasoning as well.  

Fish sauce is typically produced using only two ingredients: fish and salt—the fish can be anything from prawns, mackerel, or anchovies. However, the flavors of the fish should be strong enough, and the oil should be sufficient to produce a fish sauce. Spices and flavors are sometimes added to varieties of fish sauce for additional character. 

Different elements are added to work on the taste and appearance: these incorporate caramel, molasses, boiled rice, etc. 

Benefits of fish sauce

Fish sauce is extremely nutritious for health. It contains vitamins and minerals, which help you to protect and grow yourself. 

Let us know what exactly the traditional fish sauce contains.

Fish sauce contains vitamin B6. It takes care of our immune system. Mental health and blood health are also areas where it contributes. It helps to grow healthy hair as well. Also, tiredness and fatigue are often reduced by Vitamin B6.

The next to mention is Niacin or Vitamin B3. It helps us to function our nervous system. Energy restoration, mental health, tiredness, and fatigue are also taken care of.

Apart from that, fish sauce contains magnesium that contributes to developing healthy bones, muscles, healthy cell division, and more. 

It also contains selenium and folate that contribute to normal thyroid circle, cell protection, cardiovascular, immune system health, DNA creation, and many more. 

How to detect gluten? 

There’s no debate about whether food sources like bread and pasta or whole wheat or whole-grain derivatives contain gluten and should be kept away from if you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance or are maintaining a gluten free diet.

Hypersensitivity data has made some amazing progress lately, and you can almost certainly see whether a specific food contains gluten just by actually taking a look at the package. 

A ton of the same will plainly show in case it is without gluten. Assuming the package avoids even mentioning the sort, you may ensure two-fold checking on the web.  

In any case, there are a lot of different food sources that are not really self-evident, and you should check prior to trying them.

On the off chance that a specific food ends up having gluten, have confidence; there are a lot of gluten-free options for whatever it is you are after. 

Hence the availability of gluten free pasta or gluten-free bread is not impossible. You will track down something to fulfill your necessities between all the food options. 

Benefits of gluten free schedule

The consciousness about gluten and its presence in food has eventually shaken up the world. And precisely for that, it has been focused on seriousness lately. 

Certain health conditions restrict people from enjoying food that contains gluten. For example, people with celiac disease will never touch gluten because one small move may also affect some other organs. Hence, there is no point in a motivational statement!

However, some health-conscious people, without any certain problem, have started following a gluten-free routine. And it is claimed by many that it might help to reduce weight noticeably. This might be an inspiration to people. 

Another minor yet significant benefit is that, once you start calculating ingredients and their quantity, you become more and more conscious about what you are consuming. That might help in raising your awareness. Isn’t that a good thing?

Does fish sauce contain gluten?

Fish sauce has an exquisite umami flavor which gives it its specific savory taste. This unique umami flavor comes from glutamate content. 

In case you think about what exactly glutamate is, here is a definition in a nutshell: Glutamate is an amino corrosive. It should not be mistaken for glucose. 

Anyway, let us come to the question: is fish sauce gluten free or not?

The appropriate response is once in a while. That means it may or may not contain gluten.

Although several fish sauce brands do not include gluten, some brands include wheat separates. So actually look at the name or ask in a food junction or restaurant as a sanity check. 

There are a lot of gluten-free fish sauces which are usually utilized in Eastern countries, especially Thai and Vietnamese cuisines.

Two of the most famous brands that make gluten-free fish sauces are Golden Boy and Squid Brand.

These two brands have been appreciated by many gluten intolerant people all over the world.


If you’re adversely affected by gluten or are on a gluten-free eating routine, the main thing is to look at the label consistently. Most of the available fish sauce is probably not going to contain gluten. However, it’s always ideal to ensure. Hence cross-check every single time before you move on with something. 

Final Lines

So, this was a detailed discussion on gluten and fish sauce. To conclude, we may say that fish sauce will not contain gluten naturally. However, there are instances where gluten is present in some sauces. Hence, it is always better to check the label before purchasing or consuming.

We hope you have found out your answer from this article. We have also added the two most famous gluten free fish sauce brands. You may consider those as your option. 

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