Is Smirnoff Ice Gluten-Free? Complete Guide for the Brand

  • SMIRNOFF is internationally noted as the producer of premium vodka.
  • Its vodka is made out of corn, which makes it gluten-free. 
  • However, Smirnoff Ice is a brewed malt beverage in France and the US, and it may not be gluten-free. 
  • In some other countries, Smirnoff Ice is vodka-based; but it is difficult to confirm that this pre-mixed vodka beverage has no gluten.

Is Smirnoff Ice gluten free? Many people who consume alcohol on a regular basis considered it part of their daily diet, and those who suffer from celiac need to learn quickly which alcoholic drinks they can consume and which ones to avoid.

If you love your alcohol, then you don’t need a new introduction to Smirnoff. It has earned its reputation internationally as a vodka producer. Without a doubt, it’s the top seller of vodka in the US. And, it has even bagged the highest number of awards for his products.

You probably already know that the history of the brand is set in Russia. Its operations began in a Moscow-based distillery in the 19th century. But, did you know that the brand is owned by a company named Diageo? Today, it is popular among vodka patrons in 130 nations.   

Now, Smirnoff also has a range of malt beverages, known as Smirnoff Ice, which is available in America and France. It has no vodka content; in fact, it is a brewed beverage that you can compare with beer instead of vodka.

Interestingly though, there is another variant of Smirnoff Ice with vodka in it. This is available in Canada, Australia, Europe (except France), and Latin America, and is a pre-mixed beverage that contains Smirnoff Vodka No. 21.  

This popular alcoholic brand comes in many flavors. You take your delicious pick from the classic flavors like mango, strawberry, green apple, and more, to Margarita, Hurricane Punch, Pineapple Coconut, and several others! The original one, i.e., Classic, has an interesting citrusy twist.

These ready-to-drink beverages are extremely popular. But, are they gluten-free? Well, you see – that’s not an unreasonable question to ask. After all, it is a malt drink from the house of vodkas. Sadly, you will not like the answer to this question.

Unlike Smirnoff’s vodkas, which are made from corn, the variant of Smirnoff Ice available in the US and France is from malt. And, malt is usually derived from barley or wheat.

So, Smirnoff Ice is not on the list of gluten-free drinks. And, there’s no confirmation by the company to state otherwise.  

Smirnoff Ice Flavors List

What’s interesting about Smirnoff Ice is that it is a flavored malt beverage. And, the classic version of it, i.e., the Smirnoff Ice Original, has a lime-and-lemony tang.

It also has a host of other flavors that will remind you of your favorite cocktails, like screwdriver, margarita, hurricane punch, watermelon mimosa, and triple black. Now, isn’t that great? Who would’ve thought a malt drink could be tasty?

It also has a range of fruit flavors: mango, pineapple, grape, peach, strawberry, raspberry, black cherry, and green apple. But wait! The fruity delight does not end there. It also has mixed fruit flavors, like cherry lime, peach mango, strawberry kiwi, lemon-lime, and strawberry lemon.

Other popular Smirnoff Ice flavors are the pineapple coconut and the red, white & berry.  

Ingredients of Smirnoff Ice

The Smirnoff Ice variant in the US is 4.5% ABV. This percentage of alcohol is pretty standard for beer. In fact, Smirnoff Ice is comparable to beer in the manufacturing process, because it is also brewed.

This malt liquor contains a hint of fruity sweetness, which makes it really popular. One bottle of Smirnoff Ice of 11.2 fl.oz. contains 33 grams of carbs and 220 calories.

Is Alcohol in general Gluten Free?

If you have a gluten allergy, then you know that you cannot have anything that comes from wheat, barley, or rye. It obviously limits your good choices, and you need to be strict about your diet.

Now, almost every adult has this one question about a gluten free lifestyle – is alcohol gluten free?

A large number of alcoholic beverages, which are derived from wheat, barley, etc., contain gluten. So, you have to make sure to avoid them, to avoid triggering your condition. However, there’s good news. There are many alcoholic beverages that you can enjoy, even if you follow a gluten-free diet.

So, can you or can you not have beer? Are you allowed to enjoy an occasional glass of wine? How will you relax on weekends or socialize with friends or colleagues without a little bit of alcohol?

This is a common question for anyone who has always enjoyed alcohol and is about to adopt a strict diet.

Now, it is one thing to be a teetotaller and choose to eliminate alcohol from your life as a choice. Some people do not enjoy the taste of alcohol or refuse to consume all the extra calories. But, since you are here, and have read this far, you probably haven’t divorced alcohol yet.

Well, it’s obviously understandable that you don’t need to be a heavy drinker to be curious about whether or not you have a choice. Even if you are just a social drinker, you need to make sure that whatever you consume is not harmful.

If you are unaware of which beverage you are allowed to consume, things will get more complicated than you realize. It’s possible that your bar-tender will not have complete knowledge about which drinks are fit for someone with gluten intolerance.

So, which alcoholic drinks can fit in your gluten-free lifestyle? 

Here’s a list of gluten-free alcoholic beverages:

Rum: Made from sugarcane juice or molasses, rum contains no gluten. However, make sure to avoid the flavored ones, which might contain wheat!

Wine: Made out or grapes, wine does not contain gluten and is safe for you to drink.

Tequila: Made from blue agave plants, this is yet another gluten-free alcoholic beverage.

Hard Ciders: Made from apple juice, ciders are free from gluten and will not harm you.

Vodka: Made from various plants, grains, and vegetables, vodka can be tricky. But the way to pick gluten-free vodka is to go with the ones distilled from either potato or corn only.

Now, which alcoholic drinks are not fit for someone with a gluten allergy?

Here’s a list of alcohols that contain gluten:

Beer: Made from barley and wheat, both of which are sources of gluten, beer is a strict no-no.

Whiskey: Made from barley, whiskey is another drink that you need to skip if you have a gluten allergy.

Bourbon: Made by distilling grains with gluten, bourbon doesn’t get a place in a gluten-free life.

Gin: Made by mixing various ingredients that include gluten grains, gin doesn’t make the cut, either.

Simply put, any drink that is produced from gluten grains or malt is to be strictly avoided. And, that includes Smirnoff Ice, a malt beverage.  

Smirnoff Sourced – A Gluten Free Flavored Alcoholic Drink

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If you love flavored drinks, then Smirnoff Sourced is a healthier option for you. And, if you’re allergic to gluten, you can drink Sourced without any fear.

This is because Smirnoff Sourced contains neither synthetic sugars nor gluten. Instead of fructose-rich corn syrup, it contains 10% pure fruit juice.

The unflavored vodkas of Smirnoff are safe for you to drink if you have a gluten allergy. This is because Smirnoff vodka is made by distilling corn.

As a result, there’s no gluten in it. In fact, all vodkas made from potato or corn are gluten free, as you must have already understood by now.

But, the problem begins when you pick up a flavored drink – even vodka. Flavored alcoholic beverages contain synthetic sugars. And, that is how gluten makes its place in the flavored drinks, making them unfit for you. And that is where Smirnoff steps in, with Sourced, with three flavors.

Flavors of Smirnoff Sourced:

Cranberry Apple: Every sip has the crispness of apples with a dash of cranberry’s sweetness.

Pineapple: Enjoy the classic touch of pineapple’s vibrancy and juiciness in this vodka variant.

Ruby Red Grapefruit: This is a sweet and refreshing drink and yet has a zestful touch.

Features of Smirnoff Sourced:

  • Gluten-free
  • Free from artificial sugars or corn syrup with high levels of fructose
  • Made with pure fruit
  • Contains natural flavors
  • Less than 94 calories in each serving
  • Incredible smoothness and clarity
  • Triple distilled and ten-times filtered

Smirnoff Sourced is the latest innovation from the house of the vodka king. And, it adds a little bit of natural freshness to the world of beverages, which mostly depends on artificial flavors. It offers three deliciously fruity flavors and is the perfect choice of flavored alcohol if you have a gluten allergy!

Other Gluten-free Alternatives of Smirnoff Ice

You know that Smirnoff Ice is a flavored malt drink. So, if you’re looking for some good alternative for this range of drinks, then you could be looking for a range of gluten-free alcoholic beverages that may include the following –

● Beer

● Hard Seltzer

● Hard Cider

● Flavored Vodka

So, let’s take a look at gluten-free alternatives of Smirnoff Ice in the above categories:

a) Beer 

Yes, indeed, beer is not a suitable gluten-free drink, since it is made of wheat or barley. However, several brands have started making gluten-free beer. Instead of malt, these are made from sorghum, rice, millet, buckwheat, or even honey!

Earlier, these used to be a lot harder to find. However, things have changed a lot now, and there are many craft brewers, as well as large breweries, that have started producing beer variants without using malt, so that beer-patrons with gluten-allergy can enjoy them.

One of the most popular gluten-free beer brands has to be Bard’s Tale Beer, created by two people with Celiac disease. Other brands that you can look for are New Planet Beer, Valley, New Grist, Green’s, Sprecher’s, and more. Honestly, they are not as difficult to find as you’d imagine.

b) Hard Seltzer 

Do you love some bubbles and flavors in your drink? Then, hard seltzers might just be the option you’re looking for. It’s refreshing and fun, and the infusion of fruit flavors gives it a freshness that you will love. It’s light, citrusy, and sweet.

Needless to say, it’s gluten-free. Seltzers contain purified water along with malt-alcohol and fruit flavors. In addition, most of the hard seltzers available in the market do not contain artificial sugar. What’s more, most of them are low on calorie count, too!

Clearly, these bubbly drinks are a healthy choice on a summer afternoon! There are many brands that have become quite popular in the last couple of years. The most well-known are SpikedSeltzer, White Claw, Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails, and Truly Hard.   

c) Flavored Vodka

You must have understood by now that unflavored vodka, by itself, is not of any danger, especially when it’s distilled from corn or potato. However, flavored vodka can be harmful to you. This is because gluten needs to be added for flavoring vodka.

However, there are some brands that have taken a step towards healthier options for flavored vodka. But how do they do that? By stepping away from artificial sugars, of course! You have just read about Smirnoff Sourced and how it has replaced artificial sugars with fruit juice.

There are other brands, too, that have done something similar, to give you fruity vodkas. You can enjoy Devotion vodka, the first brand that introduced a sugar-free, gluten-free vodka brand in the US. Iceberg and Kleiner Feigling, too, are excellent options for this type of vodka.

d) Hard Cider

is smirnoff ice gluten free
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If you don’t like the bitter taste of beer, then hard ciders might be something you will enjoy, especially as a gluten-free drink. Cider beers are fruity and delicious, and are mostly safe to drink. That’s because the majority of the ciders are gluten-free!

However, you have to remember that all cider brands are not 100% gluten-free. Some of the manufacturers may infuse barley malt into this. This is done for adding flavors and enzymes to the cider. However, you will still be able to find several brands that offer gluten-free ciders.

One of the most popular names on this list is Ace. It not only manufactures gluten-free ciders but also offers multiple flavor options. Other cider beer brands that you should try include Magner’s, Woodchuck, Crispin, Angry Orchard, and Blue Mountain Cider Company, to name a few.   


While choosing your drink, you need to look at the labels. Make sure you choose something that says, “gluten-free”. You need to be careful about brands that produce “gluten-removed” drinks.

They claim that they implement a filtration process that removes or breaks down gluten.

But experts say that this treatment process is not entirely successful in removing all the gluten from the drink. So, it is best if you do not take such a risk if you have a gluten allergy.

Choose wisely from the list of ‘gluten-free’ alcohols and enjoy drinking responsibly, without harming your body!

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