Gluten Free Heroes Team

Diana Silvernote
Senior Content Writer

Diana has extensive knowledge in nutrition and food in general. She writes for Gluten Free Heroes and publishes content about Gluten free products and recipes.

Her experience as a writer for many popular online magazines across the years makes her a unique team member of the site and with massive value to give.

When she's not writing you can find her exercising or taking long walks with her family.

Johnny Gertfield

Johnny has a long history as an editor for newspapers and online magazines. With a Masters in english and journalism, johnny loves to create articles that capture the reader's attention and guiding him through the whole story. 

When his not working, Johnny loves riding his off road bike and taking long hikes. If you ever find yourself lost for words, you can count on Johnny to fill the void 


Editor in Chief

Editor in Chief of Gluten Free Heroes, Ksenija brings years of experience in the media and nutrition fields. With a passion for healthy food and writing, she quickly became a dominant figure in the online blogging world. With Gluten Free Heroes she is in charge of keeping our message and content clear and on point.