Is Custard Gluten Free? Info and FAQs

  • Custard is naturally gluten-free.
  • It does not contain any gluten element.
  • Some commercially produced custard might have issues with cross-contamination.

Is Custard Gluten Free? When it comes to desserts, your craving knows no bounds when there’s custard. Custards are one of the most famous desserts in almost any household. And we can not simply overlook the health benefits of custards as well. But, then again people having celiac disease or on a gluten free diet might want to reconsider what they eat. So, is custard gluten free or not?

Custard does not contain any gluten element in it. It is a pure and simple recipe made through the fermentation of milk. However, some brands might have issues with pre-packaging contamination. So, it can be a downer and a lot more pathetic if you land up with such products. 

Let’s go ahead and discover whether or not custard is gluten-free. Also, there will be an easy homemade custard recipe especially for you on the way. So, let’s get started. 

Is Custard Gluten Free? What is Custard

Is Custard Gluten Free

Custard is one of the most loved desserts in almost every household. And, without even mentioning the health benefits that come with it, it is safe to acknowledge its popularity. But, it might be a bit upsetting for people with celiac disease to have something unchecked in their diet.  

So, the question is, is custard gluten-free? In short, it should be. Custard or yogurt is a simple recipe incorporating no gluten element in general. But, there might be exceptions as well. Gluten-free or not depends on a lot of factors. 

The most straightforward recipes are not always safe for celiac patients. What we mean is that it might have gluten under certain circumstances. But how?

Well, in most cases, homemade custards are safe to eat. When you prepare custard at home, you can oversee the ingredients used. So, you can be a lot more careful not to incorporate gluten elements, like flour, wheat, or for that matter, anything else. 

But, when it comes to commercial preparations, there are always doubts. For example, although most commercial custards do not use gluten elements, pre-packaging contamination is always a risk. 

So, in short, the custard is a gluten-free food, safe for patients having celiac disease or people on a gluten-free diet. But it has gluten recipes too. So, whether you prepare it at home or buy it from a supermarket, make sure you check the ingredient list for your safety. 

Are Commercial Custards Gluten Free?

Okay, so as told earlier, commercial custards are a little bit in the grey spot. The question of whether or not they are gluten-free is much debated. And why so? Because the recipe of custard can vary a lot. You can prepare custard with or without gluten elements, such as flavorings. 

The flavorings and sweeteners used in commercially produced custards are not always gluten-free. Furthermore, even the normal ones you buy at local shops might be subjected to gluten cross-contamination. 

So, people with celiac disease or on a gluten-free diet must make a safer choice while buying commercially produced custards. But, how do you do that? According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, when you buy commercially produced custards, always check the labeling. 

There you will get the complete list of ingredients used while preparing it. Also, it should have the “gluten-free” label attached to it. But, a manual check is always better. Also, you can search the product online and find reviews regarding its gluten presence. 

Finding the best gluten-free custard brand is a job easier said than done. Plus, it would be best if you were way more careful as well. So, we have enlisted some gluten-free custard brands that are safe for celiac patients and people on a gluten-free diet. 

Is Custard Gluten Free


Custard is a simple recipe that you can easily prepare at home. All you will need to make custard is milk, eggs, sugar, and flavorings. It is a sauce made out of milk. 

The ingredients in the custard are all gluten-free. For example, there is no gluten in milk, egg, or sugar. Gluten is a complex type of protein found in cereal grains—for example, anything made from flour, wheat, rye, barley, etc. Since people don’t usually use these items while making yogurt, it is gluten-free. 

However, the twist remains somewhere in between. Since yogurt is a type of sauce, it has to be somewhat thick and concentrated. While doing so, some might use cornflour. But, commercially produced custards may not have that standard. So, at times it has been found that the brands use wheat or flour that might have gluten in it. 

So, when you prepare custard at home, it is primarily safe since none of its essential ingredients have gluten. But, it would be best if you watched the extra you put in it. Flavors or sweeteners might have gluten elements. Again, commercially produced custards might also contain gluten 

In short, preparing custard at home is easy. However, you might want instant custard ready to eat. In that case, you can only buy it from a shop selling ready-made custards. Here is a list of such brands which are safe to use for celiac patients. 


  • Is Ambrosia Devon Custard Gluten free?

Ambrosia Devon Custard is one of the best gluten-free custards available in the market. Ambrosia Devon Custard has been made using gluten-free ingredients, like skimmed milk, buttermilk, modified starch, whey (milk), palm oil, colors, and natural flavorings. So, it is safe for celiac patients or for those who are on a gluten-free diet.

  • Are Flavored Custards gluten-free?

In most cases, flavors like chocolate and vanilla are gluten-free. However, whether gluten-free or not depends vastly on the ingredients used while producing those flavorings. Therefore, while buying a flavor from the supermarket, you should always check the ingredient list and ensure that all used components are gluten-free. 

  • Does custard making at home take a lot of time?

Making custard at home is a straightforward process. You don’t need to buy a lot of things for this. All you will need is milk, eggs, sugar, and gluten-free flavorings. You first have to heat your milk and mix it with egg and sugar. Then add flavor. Thicken the mixture, and you are all good to go. Now, you can serve it as some pouring, or sauce over the salad, etc. 


Custard is one of the most celebrated food items that you can buy or prepare at home. While home preparations are much safer, an educated purchase can also get you the best gluten-free custard. 

We hope this discussion was helpful enough to give you an overview of what you should expect. If you don’t want to prepare custard at home, you can go to the nearby supermarket and buy custards easily. But be sure to check the ingredient list once. 

So, it is fair to say that the custard is gluten-free unless any gluten element has been used during its production.

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