Is Instant Pudding Gluten Free – Info and Best Brands

Is instant pudding gluten free? Thankfully, there are plenty of brands that offer instant pudding mixes with no gluten content. We will review them all in this post.

Gluten Free Confidence Score of Instant Pudding

instant pudding gluten free confidence score

Instant pudding gets a score of 9/10 because most brands offer a gluten free product.

What is pudding

Across the world, there are different types of desserts that have the name ‘pudding’. While some variants of it are thick and gooey, others are firmer and creamier.

Besides consistency, they may vary in texture too, depending on the ingredients used and the techniques used.

Take, for instance, the Yorkshire pudding, which is something of a cross between a muffin and a pancake. Then there’s the black pudding, which is made from pig blood!

And did you know that some varieties of Yorkshire pudding are meaty and savoury?  

And, while these pudding variants are full of gluten, there are many variants that are gluten free.

The American version of “pudding” is a deliciously thick and sweet dessert, having an egg base, and made with gelatin or some other thickening agent. Usually, they do not contain gluten grains. 

How to Pick the Right Instant Pudding

You don’t have to be an expert at making desserts to stir up gluten free pudding at home. There are plenty of instant puddings available in the market.

All you have to do is be careful while shopping and take a thorough look at the list of ingredients on the label. 

Whether the pudding is gluten free or not depends on the brand. But it matters what the brand is. You can get in touch with the manufacturer to get complete information.

They can help simplify the list of ingredients to you and explain whether it’s safe for you if you’re allergic to gluten.

You will also be able to find out what kind of flavouring or colouring agents are used in the instant pudding from the label.

These may add gluten content to the pudding. Often, modified cornstarch, which has gluten, may be present in the pudding. 

In most countries, a food item or a beverage is allowed to label itself as gluten free if the gluten content is less than 20 ppm.

So, whether you want to keep your gluten intake to the bare minimum and pick such a product, or take a strictly no-gluten route, the label is your friend.    

Reasons Why Most Pudding are gluten free

The main ingredients in good old American pudding are:

  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • Sugar.

This means – no gluten! The firmer, thicker variants use corn starch.

Other thickening agents used in puddings are tapioca and rice. All these are gluten free, and so are flavourings like vanilla essence or cocoa powder.

Best Gluten Free Instant Pudding Brands

Several instant pudding brands allow you to enjoy your favorite dessert without having to consume gluten!

Let’s take a look at the best possible brands of gluten free instant pudding that will allow you to make a safe and delicious dessert!

Boost Nutritional PuddingWonderSlim
Mom’s PlaceOrganics Pudding
Simply DelishOrganics Pudding

1. Boost Nutritional Pudding

Boost Nutritional Pudding

This gluten free instant pudding is a product of Nestle, a brand that’s trusted by consumers for two centuries. Rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, this pudding is a nutritious addition to the diet.

You’ll have two delicious flavors to pick from – chocolate and vanilla. It is also a smart choice if you’re lactose intolerant or follow a PKU diet.  

2. Mom’s Place 

Mom's Place 

Mom’s place is a dedicated 100% gluten free brand that offers a large number of products, including instant pudding in two flavours – chocolate and vanilla.

The mix is made from a blend of gluten free flours like cornstarch, potato flour, white rice flour, tapioca flour, and xanthan gum. It’s also a fat-free pudding option that has no added sugar in it. 

3. Simply Delish

Simply Delish

If you’re looking for a gluten free pudding mix that’s also low in fat and sugar, then your search should end at Simply Delish. It’s a healthy option for children and adults alike.

You can even make a dairy-free dessert with this mix by using almond, soy, or coconut milk. It has three classic flavours – vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.  

4. WonderSlim


It is probably understandable from the name itself that this pudding mix can fit smoothly into any strict diet, even if you’re looking to shed a few inches or pounds.

It’s not only gluten free but also low carb and rich in protein. And you get seven amazing flavors that will leave you asking for more. It’s a guilt-free solution to your sweet cravings. 

5. Organics Pudding

Organics Pudding

If you’re an impulse cook with little time or few ingredients in the pantry, then Organics instant pudding by European Gourmet Bakery can be your new best friend.

This gluten free pudding comes in two flavors: vanilla and chocolate. But that’s all you need in life to keep you sane on your days of deep cravings. Add this cornstarch mix to some milk and egg yolks – and you’re good to go! 

Is Jello Instant Pudding Gluten Free?

Another name that often comes up while discussing the best brands of gluten free instant puddings is that of Jell-O. The product is generally assumed to be gluten free, but this status is debatable.

The primary red flag is that the product’s package does not mention that it is gluten free. 

In addition, it contains artificial flavorings and modified cornstarch, which, as we know, may contain gluten. And, while it doesn’t contain artificial sugars or corn syrup, it does have artificial flavorings.

However, having said that, Jello is manufactured by Kraft, and while they don’t label their product as GF, it is well known that Kraft products and the Jello is in fact gluten free as it has no ingredients that contain gluten.


Well, the good news is that the instant pudding that’s popular in America is naturally free from gluten content. 

Whether you buy an instant pudding mix or decide to make it from scratch, you won’t need to scourge the shelves in the stores. That’s because you’ll easily be able to find the ingredients or the instant pudding mixes.

You won’t need to find alternative recipes or substitutes to replace gluten grains in the desert. And you’ll have a delicious dessert that everyone can enjoy!

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