Does Chicken Broth Have Gluten? Info and Recipe

  • Chicken broth is made by boiling the chicken and the preferred vegetables together.
  • Chicken broth is consumed when sick, or preferred as a healthy snack during diets.
  • Chicken broth may or may not be gluten free, depending on the brand.
  • Chicken broth may have other ingredients that can add gluten to it.

Nowadays, many people avoid adding gluten to their diets. Not only does it not add anything nutritionally to your body, but it also leads to weight gain and several other issues. Gluten is most commonly found in pizza, pasta, white bread, cereal, etc. But sometimes, there are foods that we could have never imagined to have had gluten, have it! Here, we are focusing on does chicken broth has gluten.

Going on a gluten-free diet can be pretty overwhelming, especially when you have to stay away from your comfort foods. However, it is essential to know which one of your favorite foods has gluten. So let us get down to that...

What is Chicken Broth?

Bouillon, popularly known as Broth, is a meal in liquid form, imitating a soup, in which the chicken bones, the meat, and favorable vegetables have been simmered.

It is generally eaten alone as a sick food or diet food, but is also preferred to make other dishes such as gravies, soups, and sauces. Rich in its flavor, a traditional broth is beautifully seasoned with exotic herbs to elevate its savory flavor.

Does Chicken Broth Have Gluten

Is Chicken Broth Gluten Free?

The answer to this is no. Chicken broth may have certain ingredients in it that add gluten to the broth. However, there are plenty of other gluten-free options, which we will deal with later on in this article.

The best way to know whether your broth has gluten in it is by checking the ingredients! You may find some surprising elements in your chicken broth that may add gluten to your dish. Let us see what those are. 


A chicken broth contains a few basic ingredients that everyone in its preparation uses. It primarily contains water, chicken meat and bones, vegetables, and herbs for seasoning. All of these ingredients are a part of your daily diet.

Apart from that, there are some other ingredients that may harbor gluten and add it to your chicken broth. Let us understand all these ingredients briefly and look out for the ones adding gluten to your broth.

  • Water

The most primary ingredient to make a chicken broth is water. Since a broth is nothing but liquid infused with meat extracts and herbs to develop the flavor, water is an essential ingredient without which one cannot make a broth.

Cold and flu can lead to immense dehydration, with your mouth feeling dry and an overall loss in energy. Chicken broth being a liquid, makes a great source of hydration for your body. The high levels of sodium in chicken broth replenish the body’s electrolytes and give you the required energy to go about your day.

  • Chicken Meat and Bones 
Does Chicken Broth Have Gluten

The second most basic ingredient to make a chicken broth is chicken meat and chicken bones. Chicken broth is incredibly rich in proteins and other essential fatty acids extracted from chicken itself.

One of the best foods to help your body build, as well as repair skin, bone, muscle, and blood cells.  The selenium in chicken broth helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, including high cholesterol levels and even strokes.

  • Vegetables

Vegetables such as celery, carrots, and onions make your chicken broth healthier and more flavorful. They make a rich source of nutrients, in addition to the chicken in the broth, and are one of the best foods to consume if you are looking for a healthy substitute. 

Vegetables like onion, celery, and carrots make an excellent flavor in your broth. However, ensure that you do not leave it on the stove for too long, as these vegetables can leave a bitter and robust flavor in the broth if left on simmer for way too long.

However, other ingredients have the capacity to make your chicken broth full of gluten. So if you are someone looking to stay away from gluten, you may also need to look out for some signs.

Many times, on many products, you will notice a statement saying “may contain gluten” or “made on shared equipment with wheat.” This is a standard red flag that must alert you that this is not the product you need to get. These statements are covered by the food allergen labeling laws known as FALCPA.

  • Yeast Extract or Autolyzed Yeast Extract

Yeast is extracted from barley and could contain gluten. Some extracts are labeled gluten-free, so you need to look out for that. Similarly, natural flavors can be derived from barley, wheat, or malt, containing the highest level of gluten, which ultimately ends up in your broth.

While buying broth, check the ingredients behind the box. If you see any of the above, avoid purchasing the product. A gluten-free claim on the product is what you need to look out for.

Health Benefits of Chicken Broth

Does Chicken Broth Have Gluten

Now that we have revealed the answer to your main doubt let us look on the brighter side. It may not always be gluten free, but chicken broth is one of the most nutritious foods you can add to your diet.

Whether healthy or sick, it makes up for everything and looks after your overall health, along with being excellent comfort food.

Chicken broth is incredibly rich in proteins and other essential fatty acids. It is also a great source of minerals such as iron. One of the best foods to help your body build, as well as repair skin, bone, muscle, and blood cells. 

The selenium in chicken broth helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, including high cholesterol levels and even strokes.

With the right ingredients, your chicken broth can also be a rich source of different kinds of vitamins such as Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Antioxidants, and carnosine.

Just one cup of chicken broth has 12 calories, 1 gram of protein, 860 milligrams of sodium, and 0 grams of fat, fiber, and sugar.

Gluten-free or not, the chicken broth does come with several health benefits that help to heal your body with hydration, heat, and all its nutrients. The vitamins and minerals in the chicken broth are beneficial against common ailments such as the flu, common cold and cough, and food poisoning.

Not just that, there are several other benefits of adding chicken broth to your daily diet, such as a low-calorie meal, leading to weight loss and weight management, helps you stay hydrated, and much more.

We have mentioned the benefits in detail for you:

  1. Weight management

Chicken broth contains as little as 12 calories per serving, making it an excellent low-calorie part of your overall diet. You can easily use it as a substitute for any high-calorie item as part of any meal of the day, and it also makes a great snack option. Chicken broth can help encourage weight loss and prevent obesity in people.

  1. Ease Nasal Congestion

If you have a common cold or the flu due to changing weather, chicken broth is here to your rescue. Nasal congestions can be pretty irritating, but a hot liquid like chicken broth can help clear the nasal passage, move the mucus, and ease nasal congestion.

  1. Less Inflammation

The carnosine in chicken broth can help ease out any inflammation that is causing you discomfort. It helps prevent viral infections associated with inflammation too. Research also shows that chronic inflammation can lead to cancer. And the chicken broth is the cure for it all!

  1. Provides Hydration

Cold and flu can lead to immense dehydration, with your mouth feeling dry and an overall loss in energy. Chicken broth is a liquid, makes a great source of hydration for your body. The high sodium levels in chicken broth replenish the body’s electrolytes and give you the required energy to go about your day.

How is Chicken Broth Used?

Chicken broth is one of those staple foods that give you comfort at any time of the day. This savory meal is preferred as a side dish during lunch, an evening snack, a dinner soup, and anything else. Especially if you are sick, a chicken broth is the ideal meal for you. 

Some of the ways one can use chicken broth are:

  • Individually

The chicken broth comes in a liquid form and resembles a soup. Which means that you can have it individually without making it an accompaniment for any other dish. If you are simply having some broth for dinner, you can make it extra flavorful. And to do that, heat up the broth for some extra time than usual, and it will give your broth a rich and thick texture and flavor.

Another way to add some flavor to it is by using pan drippings from roast chicken and adding it to the sauce. Put this into the freezer for the meantime, and later you can simply add it to your homemade broth.

  • Egg Drop Soup

An egg drop soup is one of the simplest dishes to make out of chicken broth. All you need is the broth, some eggs, cornstarch, soy sauce, and scallions. A concoction of all these ingredients, whiskers in a bowl, and a simmer on the stove will give you an excellent soup in no time! Top the dish with some sliced scallions, and drizzle a bit of soy sauce to give it a quirky flavor.

  • Noodle Soup

While your broth is still boiling, add some chubby noodles to it and make it into a quick noodle soup! You always have the option of adding some extra seasoning such as grated parmesan and your favorite hot sauce. 

  • Roast Chicken Sauce

While you do not need the chicken broth to make the main dish, the roast chicken, you need it to make the sauce that is drizzled over the roasted chicken. Infusing the chicken broth, white wine, and garlic, you can make yourself a delicious and flavorful sauce to pour over your roasted chicken. 

A Basic Chicken Broth Recipe For Your Next Meal!

Chicken broth is one of the simplest dishes to make at home for a quick snack, or as a light dinner, or simply any time of the day. It is a great food to have during sick times, and even generally if you are craving something flavorful and soupy.

So if you are still planning on what to have for your next meal of the day, here is a quick and straightforward recipe for you to cook up some yummy chicken broth for dinner and enjoy the night!

  • Preparation Time- 10 minutes
  • Cooking Time- 3-4 Hours
  • Serves- Around 6 cups


  • 2 and a half pounds of bony chicken pieces (legs, neck, backbone, or wings)
  • 2 celery ribs along with leaves, cut them up into chunks
  • 2 medium carrots, cut up into small pieces
  • 2 medium onions, cut up into quarters
  • 2 whole bay leaves
  • 1/2 a teaspoon of dried and crushed rosemary
  • 1/2 a teaspoon of dried thyme
  • 8 to 10 whole peppercorns
  • 2 quarts of cold water


  • A knife to cut the chicken and vegetables into pieces.
  • A soup kettle, a big vessel, or a dutch oven to boil the water, chicken, and vegetables.
  • A big lid to cover the vessel while the ingredients boil. 
  • A strainer to strain the chicken and vegetables out of the broth.
  • A container to put the chicken in and keep it aside.


  1. Take all the ingredients and place them together in a soup kettle, big vessel, or Dutch oven.  Slowly bring all these ingredients to boil while keeping the kettle on medium flame. Gradually reduce the heat and keep the mixture at a simmer.
  2. Continue to keep this mixture at a simmer for 3-4 hours, uncovered, and skim the foam in the kettle as necessary.
  3. Set the chicken aside for cooling down. Meanwhile, remove the meat from the chicken bones. Once that is done, discard the bones and save the meat for another use.
  4. Now strain the broth and discard the vegetable mix and seasonings from it. Skim the fat from the surface of the broth. Now refrigerate this broth for 8 hours or overnight as per your suitability.


Never assume that any product is gluten-free. To always be on the safer side, check the label thoroughly and pick the best one for you and suits your needs. Validated products are the best because nobody wants to ruin their strict diets, right?

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