Is Bacon Gluten Free – Info and Popular Brands

Is bacon gluten free? Plain bacon is naturally gluten free as with all meats. However, some brands add flavoring and starches and other ingredients that may turn their product not suitable for Celiac people. So make sure to check the label for the GF sign.

Bacon gluten free confidence score

gluten free confidence score of bacon

What exactly is bacon

The term bacon usually refers to the part of the pork belly, which is usually very fatty, which gives the bacon its distinct flavor and smell. Usually it is cut into thin slices and friend with some added salt or other flavorings.

Here’s the part of the pork that is commonly used to make bacon

How Can You be Sure that Bacon is Gluten Free?

If you buy a packed bacon in the grocery store, you can usually just check and see if there is a gluten free label on the package. Most will have it.

Gluten in Smoked Bacon

smoked bacon

If you try spiced bacon, you know that spices are used in the curing process to give you those deliciously flavorful strips of fatty meat. Smoked bacon is also extremely popular. A gentle, charred flavor is added to the bacon when it is smoked.   

Now, the flavor in the smoked bacon will depend on the type of wood or fuel being used. Smoke flavoring may also result from malted barley flour.

So, if you’re about to pick a package of smoked bacon, make sure to look at the list of ingredients. This is one of few instances of glutinous bacon.

In the US, smoke flavoring is mentioned on the list of ingredients. So, if the bacon you love is smoked using malted flour, then the label should mention that. So, as we always say, you just cannot ignore the list of ingredients on the packaging!

Cross Contamination

As in the case of any other food or beverage, bacon, too, has the possibility of cross-contamination; it can contain remnants of gluten if it has been in physical contact with gluten-containing products.

This usually happens because of shared processing and packaging facilities.

Your favorite bacon may not contain gluten because of how it is processed; however, it is possible that the facilities used for its processing and manufacturing also deal with items that contain gluten.

As a result, your bacon may end up with small amounts of it. Usually, such information about shared facilities is mentioned on the label. So, be careful.

Gluten Free Bacon Brands

Let’s take a look at some of the safest brands that bring you gluten free bacon.

Armour: This trusted brand offers many bacon varieties, all of which are gluten free. It also takes significant measures to prevent cross-contamination.

does bacon have gluten

Bob Evans: The brand is noted for its range of no-gluten products, including bacon as well as Canadian bacon, which are safe for consumption by gluten-intolerant people.

Beeler’s Pure Pork: This brand is known for raising pigs with no growth hormones or antibiotics. You’ll get various types of bacon, which are gluten free.

bacon gluten free

Farmland Foods: The bacon varieties by this brand are marked gluten free, and hence, can be considered safe. The additives are also free from gluten.

does bacon have gluten

Jones Dairy Farm: There are five different bacon varieties that this company produces. These are certified gluten free products, and the status is marked on the label.

is bacon gluten free


Bacon, made from animal meat, can be an excellent source of protein and fat for you. And, it’s gluten free, unless it is smoked or cured with gluten-containing additives or is contaminated.

So, make the ingredients list on the package your best buddy and pick the right type of bacon. Put it in a cupcake, in soup, or just beside your sunny-side-up – and you’ll have a complete, delicious meal!

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