Are Tic Tacs Gluten Free

YES – Tic Tacs are gluten free based on the official manufacturer website and also because the ingredient list do not contain any gluten ingredients. For further reading about Tic Tacs, scroll below.

How can we talk of “minty” fresh and not mention Tic Tac, the world’s most favorite mint?

Almost everyone has a tiny box of Tic Tacs in their bag or pocket. Those tiny pieces of hard mint are not just helpful in making you feel fresh and confident.

They are quite delicious, too. If you have a sweet tooth, popping in a tiny candy can simply make your day!

Tic Tacs gluten free confidence score

gluten free confidence score showing tic tacs score

Tic Tacs get a 9/10 score on our scale – mostly because we have no information about the packaging process or even the manufacturing process that might contain cross contamination.

What are Tic Tacs

tic tac box

If there’s one candy that even the most mature and sophisticated adult indulges in, without feeling like a kid, it’s Tic Tac.

The tiny mint pearls are just the right amount of lasting coolness, without having an overpowering effect. 

A product manufactured by Ferrero, the Italian company – yes, the very same that brings you the delicious Rocher balls and the delightful Nutella!

Tic Tac is available in more than 100 nations across the world and is hugely popular – among kids, as well as adults. 

This hard mint comes in small, transparent boxes that fit in anywhere! And it’s almost a style statement to flip the lid open and enjoy them.

This mint, available in three different flavors, is free from gluten-containing products like:

  • Wheat
  • Rye
  • Barley
  • Triticale

Tic Tac Ingredients and Nutrients

Tic Tac is a minty candy, so, it’s bound to contain sugar and mint – or mint flavor – right? Well, if you’re wondering what goes into your favorite hard mint, then here’s the list of ingredients used to make Tic Tac:

SugarPeppermint essential oil
Gum arabicCarnauba wax
Gum ArabicMagnesium salts from fatty acids
Rice starch

As you can see, none of these items contains any gluten. Every pearl of Tic Tac contains just about 2 kcal of energy and only half a gram of carbohydrate.

However, you must remember that on the whole, 90% of the product is sugar. It has no protein and is also completely fat-free. Besides, it’s vegetarian and free from allergens and ingredients that are genetically modified.