Are Tic Tacs Gluten Free. Flavors and Info About the Breath Mint

  • Tic Tac is a popular mouth freshener available across the world.
  • It is a hard mint that helps to keep breath odor at bay.
  • This breath mint is produced by the Italian brand Ferrero.
  • Tic Tac is free from gluten content.

Are Tic Tacs gluten free? What a weird questions to ask right? But if you have Celiac this perfectly makes sense, the fresh mint pills we all know and love are in fact gluten free, but never feel bad for asking questions.

Fresh breath just makes you feel really confident at all times, right? Whether it’s after the garlicky pasta dinner, or before you kiss your date, feeling minty fresh is essential.

And how can we talk of “minty” fresh and not mention Tic Tac, the world’s most favorite mint?

Almost everyone has a tiny box of Tic Tac in the bag or the pocket. Those tiny pieces of hard mint are not just helpful in making you feel fresh and confident.

They are quite delicious, too. If you have a sweet tooth, popping in a tiny candy can simply make your day!

But, if you are gluten intolerant, you’re probably worried about your favorite breath mint and keep asking your self are tic tac gluten free or not Well, the good news is that it is!

So, this low-cal candy is something that you can enjoy, whenever, wherever, without worrying about allergic reactions!

Are Tic Tacs Gluten Free – What are Tic Tacs

are tic tacs gluten free
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If there’s one candy that even the most mature and sophisticated adult indulges in, without feeling like a kid, it’s Tic Tac.

The tiny mint pearls are just the right amount of lasting coolness, without having an overpowering effect. 

A product manufactured by Ferrero, the Italian company – yes, the very same that brings you the delicious Rocher balls and the delightful Nutella!

Tic Tac is available in more than 100 nations across the world and is hugely popular – among kids, as well as adults. 

This hard mint comes in small, transparent boxes that fit in anywhere! And it’s almost a style statement to flip the lid open and enjoy them.

It freshens your mouth and soothes your stomach with the cooling effect. Speaking of the stomach – is Tic Tac gluten free?

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Well, YES. This mint, available in three different flavors, is free from gluten-containing products like wheat, rye, barley, and triticale.

The brand vouches that this candy is gluten free. And, considering the stature of Ferrero, it can be said that they can easily be trusted, with no risk of cross-contamination.

Is Tic Tac Gum Gluten Free?

are tic tacs gluten free
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Besides hard mint, Tic Tac’s mouth freshening candy comes in another form, i.e., gum. It hit the stores in 2018, and it is available in the flavors of Fresh Mint, Cool Watermelon, and Spearmint. And these gums, too, are gluten free, just like the breath mint. 

Tic Tac Ingredients and Nutrients

Tic Tac is a minty candy; so, it’s bound to contain sugar and mint – or mint flavor – right? Well, if you’re wondering what goes into your favorite hard mint, then here’s the list of ingredients used to make Tic Tac:

  1. Sugar
  2. Peppermint essential oil
  3. Fructose
  4. Maltodextrin
  5. Gum arabic
  6. Carnauba wax
  7. Gum Arabic
  8. Magnesium salts from fatty acids
  9. Rice starch

As you can see, none of these items contains any gluten. Every pearl of Tic Tac contains just about 2 kcal of energy and only half a gram of carbohydrate.

However, you must remember that on the whole, 90% of the product is sugar. It has no protein and is also completely fat-free. Besides, it’s vegetarian and free from allergens and ingredients that are genetically modified.

Certifications of Tic Tac

The production and marketing of Tic Tac follow all stringent regulations application in different countries.

With the aim to produce something that is in sync with people’s demands. That means it is sensitive to various health issues, as well as cultural sentiments.  

The Vegetarian Society certifies Tic Tac as a vegetarian product, which means that its manufacturing process follows the guidelines set by the body. In many parts of the world, it is Halal-certified, as well as Kosher-certified. 

A Little about Tic Tac

If Tic Tac needs to be described in just a few words, it can be called the world’s favorite candy and the most popular hard mint.

The candy was launched in 1969. One interesting fact is that it wasn’t always called Tic Tac. It originally had a very boring name – Refreshing Mint!

So, how did the catchy name come into being? The breath mint comes in a box with a flip-open lid.

This flip-top, when opened and closed, made quite a distinct sound, which inspired the name. So basically, your favorite mint candy is named after a sound word or “onomatopoeia”.  

Over the decades, this breath mint has become a household name. Millions of kids, teens, tweens, and adults swear by Tic Tac as a quick-fix for bad breath.

And, it’s more than that. It gives you the confidence to approach people and socialize. Plus, the minty content is great for soothing your stomach after a meal. Without a doubt, Tic Tac is one of Ferrero’s most popular products.

Tic Tac comes from a well-known company named Ferrero, which also produces a number of other popular confectionery products, including Ferrero Rochers, Nutella, and Kinder Joy.

Here’s a list of facts about Tic Tac, which you probably don’t know:

  1. Did you know that there’s a right way to enjoy Tic Tac? Well, the top flap of the box is designed to allow only one Tic Tac to come out of the box. In other words, you’re supposed to pop one Tic Tac at a time, instead of going all gobble-gobble on a fistful. 
  2. An interesting fact about the Pink Grapefruit Tic Tac is that it was introduced by the company to spread breast cancer awareness and to show support for those fighting with this disease. And it is available between the months of August and October. 

Tic Tac Flavors

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There are many fun flavors of Tic Tacs available, and they are all free from gluten.

Fresh Mint and Intense Mint are the most popular flavors. But, for the ones who like their mouth freshener to be a little fruity, there are strawberry, lime and orange, grape, cherry, and other such flavors.

Another addition to the list is the Breeze, having crystals of micro xylitol crystals with a blend of 16 herbs.

Another fun flavor variant comes in the form of Tic Tac Mixers. This one starts with a cherry flavor, and soon, it turns into a Cola flavor. Now, that’s quite a surprise!

In many countries, you’ll find Tic Tacs dyed in specific colors to indicate the flavor. However, in many countries, the box of the candy comes in a color that can match the flavor, while the actual Tic tac pearls inside the box are white in color. 

What is in Breath Mint?

Mint has always been a popular choice as a mouth freshener. Traditionally, the contents of hard mint are sugar, peppermint oil, corn syrup, and coloring agents.

However, nowadays, you’ll find plenty of sugar-free breath mints, as well. These contain soy lecithin, flavoring agents, aspartame, sorbitol, magnesium stearate, and natural flavors. 

Gluten Free Breath Mint Alternatives

Besides Tic Tac, there are plenty of other reliable hard mind brands that manufacture gluten free breath mints. Here’s a list fo you:

1. Go Organic: This hard candy gives you an icy cool feel. What’s even better is that it comes in delicious fruit flavors! It contains natural and organic ingredients and is free from gluten.

are tic tacs gluten free
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2. Dale Audrey: The breath mints by this brand have a natural flavor as if it has been freshly plucked from the plant. Besides being gluten free, it is also free from any other kind of toxin.

3. St. Claire’s Organics: There’s nothing harmful or inorganic in this mint. It’s free from allergens, including gluten, as well as from fat and GMOs. It’s also Kosher-certified and vegan. 

4. Sencha Naturals: This is a healthy green tea mint that’s available in some unique flavors. It is vegan, free from sugar, and has very low caffeine content. Of course, it is a gluten free option.

5. Newman’s Own Organics: Available in a variety of natural flavors, this breath mint is a great gluten free breath mint. It is made from very few ingredients that are organic and safe.

6. Peppersmith: It is one of the few breath mint candies made with a natural sweetener, i.e., xylitol. Besides bad breath, it helps in preventing tooth decay and reducing gum damage. 

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7. VerMints: These mints are available in some unique flavors like chai, café express, and more. These are entirely gluten free, and they also do not contain any other harmful allergen.


Do you love to pop a Tic Tac every now and then? Do you feel confident when it freshens your breath, or just to enjoy the sugary goodness with the cooling effect?

Then Tic Tac is still your reliable, personal friend. There’s no need to worry about getting allergic reactions even if you’re gluten intolerant. Tic Tac is completely gluten free. 


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