Is Tuna Gluten free? Info and Brands

  • Tuna is generally gluten free.
  • Many gluten-intolerant people include canned Tuna in their diet.
  • However, some canned tuna brands might use ingredients causing it to contain gluten. 
  • There are some famous brands for gluten-free Tuna.

Is tuna gluten free? Tuna is one of the most popular staple food items that people enjoy. Be it fresh or canned, the delicacy remains the same. However, it is not always possible to get fresh tuna filets. For that reason, most people rely on the canned version. 

Canned tuna tastes delicious and can be your favorite appetizer. But if you have celiac disease or some other allergic health condition, the obvious question is, does Tuna contain gluten?

Well, we understand your concern and worries. And therefore, we have come along with a full-length discussion on canned Tuna and whether it contains gluten. 

So, hold tight!

Is Canned Tuna Gluten free: An overview

Is tuna gluten free?

Tuna is basically a saltwater fish. Most of the canned Tuna that your kitchen probably has come down to you from the Pacific. Long journey, huh?

Fresh Tuna is honestly rare to find. Hence, most people do not have a choice other than canned fish. However, the canned version of Tuna is also quite fascinating. 

After catching fresh Tuna from the ocean, the fish are stored in cold storage. Following that, they are thawed. The pre-cooking phase starts here, and afterward, the fish’s skin is stripped away. This thing can save the canned fish from unwanted oil. Then the meat is deboned and sorted into light meat and red meat categories. 

Lighter meat is ideal for canning. The loins or the edible parts of the fish are cleaned before going into the canning procedure. 

Following the cleaning stage, the fish meat is stuffed in cans alongside stock, oil, or water, and some of the time preparing, like salt. The jars get tops and are vacuum fixed to forestall spillage and tainting.

The cans are then washed prior to being cooked and sanitized at high temperatures that should reach 240 degrees to guarantee the absence of live microbes inside the fixed holders. Of specific concern are spore-shaping anaerobic microorganisms, like Clostridium botulinum.

The cans are cooled, named, and checked for quality confirmation. This interaction includes evaluating harm to the jars, including imprints, enlarging, and failing seals, which could point to contamination. Canned Tuna is then delivered to distribution centers and conveyed to stores around the United States to stay on racks for 2–5 years.

Nutrition value of tuna


Canned Tuna tastes fantastic, and all of us know that. And probably there’s no debate about it. But apart from that, canned tuna is nutritious as well. It comes to us with a lot of minerals and vitamins. However, the fresh tuna fish contains more of it. 

Canned Tuna is considered to be a fantastic food for new moms and pregnant women. It contains iodine in it which helps in lactation. 

It also provides us with Omega 3, especially the DHA and EPA. Both of these are best friends for our brain and heart. Also, our eye health is ensured by it. 

However, there’s one specific point that you should be concerned about. The amount mercury present in canned or fresh tuna can be brought to a question. Excessive mercury consumption is not at all suitable for health. 

That said, one might avoid this problem if small fish are consumed. And canned Tuna is derived explicitly from smaller ones. Hence this issue is not much troublesome if canned one is consumed.  

Is tuna gluten free?

Is tuna gluten free?

Now we have come to the crux of the discussion. People concerned about gluten sometimes can not enjoy different dishes like others. And to ensure that Tuna never enters the list, we are here.

Now, the ingredients used in canned tuna fish are some oils and salt. They are obviously gluten free. Hence, we might say that canned Tuna is gluten free on a general note. People with celiac disease can add it to their diet. 

However, there is a term called cross-contamination. And that can cause canned Tuna to contain gluten. Therefore, checking the certification label before buying a can is necessary. 

That said, there are many brands that produce supreme quality canned tuna, and that too with a certified gluten free label. I can bet you are already restless to know the brands. 

Hold on!

Gluten free brands

Here is the list of brands that produce gluten free Tuna. Let’s know.

This is one of the most trusted brands for gluten-free Tuna worldwide.

The Tuna used here are caught from the wild and are processed responsibly.

The manufacturers also say that a pouch comes to us with 16g of protein and almost 80 calories.

Also, minerals like selenium and iron are infused with it. The gluten-free certification is also included.

This is another brand that produces canned yellowfin tuna. However, these are slow-cooked tuna steaks.

The canned food is packed with Omega 3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and many more. An additional benefit is that the mercury level is tested and proved to be the lowest in it.

So apart from being gluten-free, this one can be your best friend when it comes to the mercury level.


Do fish contain gluten?

  • The straightforward answer to this question is NO. Fish do not contain gluten. Food like fish, meat, fruits, and vegetables do not contain gluten. 

What kind of Tuna is canned?

  • Two primary types of Tuna are canned. One is the chunk light, and another is the chunk white tuna. 

Why does canned Tuna last so long?

  • Canned food means sealed food. After processing the food (Tuna in this case) and sterilizing the can, it is sealed tightly so that any new bacteria can not enter the can. Hence there is no chance of spoilage. However, some preservatives also work in the process. 


So, after the long, long discussion over Tuna, we have finally concluded that they do not contain gluten. The canned version is generally gluten-free. 

However, not all brands are reliable. Hence choosing one with the certification is necessary. And precisely for that reason, we have added the list of some trustworthy brands which you can enjoy comfortably. 

What are you waiting for? Start preparing your Tuna and enjoy it immediately. 

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