Is Sponge Candy Gluten Free? Info and Recipe

  • What is sponge candy made of?
  • Different brands make sponge candy; we will check the gluten content in the famous ones.
  • History of sponge candy
  • Sponge candy is gluten free.

Is sponge candy your go-to when you get a sudden sugar craving? The sponginess and delicate sweetness of a sponge candy make it a delicious toffee that many don’t think twice before popping into their mouth. But, if you are gluten-allergic, you might wonder, ‘Is sponge candy gluten free?’

Well, sponge candy is absolutely gluten free. In this article, we shall check the ingredients in the famous branded sponge candies available. We will also learn more about its origin and history.

Is Sponge Candy Gluten Free? What is it Made of?

Sponge candy is a crunchy, light toffee candy that looks like a toffee, often covered in a chocolate layer. The soft, delicate sponge inside the toffee appears like seafoam, honeycomb, etc. It is made of Sugar, Corn Syrup, Vinegar and Baking Soda.


The texture of a sponge candy is like that of peanut brittle but a little less crunchy, airier, and lighter. This texture comes because of the baking soda used in its making.


A sponge candy tastes sweet, somewhat like toasted molasses. It may taste extra sweet when combined with a layer of dark chocolate on the outside.

How to Make Sponge Candy at Home?

Here we are not sharing the exact recipe but just giving the essential ingredients and procedure to give you an idea of how it’s made.


  • Sugar
  • Corn Syrup
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda


  1. The sugar, corn syrup, and vinegar are all boiled together until the sugar dissolves.
  2. Finally, remove from the stove and add baking soda.
  3. Mix thoroughly until the liquid begins to rise. You must immediately pour it into a cooling dish and let it set.

So, it is pretty simple to make sponge candy at home. Some dip and coat the candy in creamy or dark chocolate to get a chocolate coating on the outside. You can experiment with different flavored chocolates or even nuts for a crunchier texture. 

The recipe above is proof that there is no sign of gluten in sponge candy. The essential ingredients used, corn syrup, vinegar, sugar, and baking soda, are free from gluten. So, sponge candy is totally gluten free.

Do you Get Sponge Candy With Gluten?

While the basic recipe of sponge candy does not include any gluten-containing ingredient, the top coating in different sponge candy variations may contain it.

Some sponge candies come with a chocolate coating containing starch or other gluten ingredients.

If you want to buy gluten free sponge candy, it is better to ask the baker about the ingredients or buy only from well-known brands like Watson’s sponge candy that do not contain gluten in their chocolate coating. 

The other alternative is to make it yourself as the procedure is quite simple.

History of Sponge Candy

Sponge candy originally hails from the city of Buffalo, NY. According to experts, it began popping up in the candy shops in Buffalo back in the 1940s or 50s. A few theories explain its origin, but only one of them is most recognized. 

As per this theory, sponge candy was discovered by accident, just like some significant inventions in our history. The maker accidentally added baking soda to the sugar and corn syrup and invented this masterpiece. 

Famous Brands that Make Sponge Candy

Sponge candy is sold commercially by many brands

Watson’s Sponge Candy

Is sponge candy gluten free

Regarded as Buffalo’s Best, the award-winning sponge candies are crispy and tender at the same time.

Caramelized spun sugar is coated in a thick and creamy chocolate coating made from Fair Trade Certified cocoa.

Buffalo’s Best are available in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and orange-flavored sponge. These candies are gluten free.


Fowler’s Chocolates

Fowler manufactures bite-sized sponge candies that give you the taste of Buffalo’s sponge candies.

These are available in milk, dark, or orange chocolate coatings surrounding crisp but tender interiors.

Some flavors are gluten free, while some are not at Fowler’s.


Niagara Chocolates

Is sponge candy gluten free

Their chocolates have been awarded the ‘Best Tasting Sponge Candies’ in Buffalo.

They sell sponge candies in three flavors; milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and orange chocolate. In addition, Niagara sponge candies are gluten free and nut-free. 



Can you refrigerate sponge candy?

Sponge candy should be consumed within eight weeks from its manufacturing date, as it is susceptible to moisture. Sponge candy starts to dissolve in a humid climate. It is best to store it in the refrigerator or freezer for the long term.

How long does sponge candy last in good condition?

Sponge candy should be allowed to cool evenly after preparation. Then, it would be best if you stored it in a sealed container. It can last on the kitchen counter for close to two weeks when stored this way.

Are honeycomb and sponge candy the same?

Honeycomb and sponge candy is similar but not the same. A honeycomb has more oversized air pockets with a more definite shape, while a sponge candy has fine and spongy-textured pockets full of air bubbles. 


So, sponge candy is gluten free as the prime ingredients required to make it do not contain gluten. However, these candies may contain gluten depending on the sponge’s coating for added flavors and taste. Mostly, these coatings are done with different flavors of chocolate.

You can order gluten free sponge candies from a few of the best brands making gluten free sponge candies.

However, some brands may not ship to your area. In that case, it is always better to make your own gluten free sponge candies as they are pretty easy to make. You can even add a gluten free chocolate coating to your sponge candy for added taste.

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