• Redds Hard Apple Ale is a popular beer flavored brand
  • Redds come in four different flavors to choose from
  • The brand clearly brands its drinks as beers and not apple ciders even though the taste is apple
  • Redds is NOT gluten free

Is Redds gluten free? NO. Redds apple flavored beers are not gluten free and are not safe to drink by people who avoid gluten or people with Celiac Disease.

Redds Hard Apple Ale gluten free confidence scale

Is Redds Gluten Free

Is Redds gluten free? More about the beer brand

The popular drink is made by Redd’s Brewing Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is a sub company of the Molson Coors.

Redds Hard Apple is in fact a beer, and not an apple cider and it comes in four different flavors to choose from.

A lot of people mistakenly think the brand is apple cider because well…it tastes like apple cider, but the company says it is brewed and prepares just like any other beer only with added apple flavors infused into the beer to give it its nice taste.

Can I get Redds in bottles or draft?

YES, you can find Redds beer on draft spread around the US and also get it in bottles in many supermarkets and shops around the country.

What the difference between an ale or cider anyway?

As the company site states, they brew the beer to get its alcohol from fermented and melted grains, while cider gets its alcohol from fermented apple juice.

Redds Hard Apple flavors

Is Redds Gluten Free

If you still want to give this beer a try, here are the four flavors they offer:

  • Hard Apple
  • Hard Apple Peach
  • Hard Apple Strawberry
  • Hard Apple Black Cherry

And no, non of these flavors are gluten free – Sorry.

Redds Hard Apple Ale ingredients list

According to their website, these are the ingredients of the Hard Apple Ale

Corn Syrup ( dextrose )Critic Acid
Barely MaltNatural flavor
Yeast Carmel Color
Hopt Extract Sodium Benzoate and potassium sorbate

Is there such a thing as gluten free beer

Yes, there are many gluten free beers on the market and they usually taste just as good as regular beer. The difference is that instead of using wheat grains they use rice grains or similar which are naturally gluten free.

Redds Hard Apple Ale Alternatives

If you’re a cider fan or just an apple drinks taste person, here are 3 apple cider alternatives to Redds

  1. Angry Orchrad Hard Cider
    Three apple tastes are combined here to create a very delicious apple cider
  2. Strongbow Gold Apple
    This drinks has the GF symbol and it also combines a few different apple flavors to give it a full taste range.
  3. Stella Artois Cidre
    Marked as GF as well, this is a cider from a well known brand so you can count of the production and flavor to be on point.

Frequently Asked Questions about Redds

Can you get drunk from Redds

YES. Redds Apple ale is a beer, and contains 5% alcohol which is inline with most beers on the market.

Why is beer not gluten free

Beer is made mainly from grains and wheat, gluten is a type of protein inside wheat so most beers are not gluten free unless they are specifically made that way

Is Redds Apple Ale healthy

If health is the top concern maybe beer in general should not be your top drink, Redds is a beer and beer in general has a high calorie count and is not considered all that healthy


If you wondered if Redds is gluten free, I hope this answered your question and helped you figure out if you can drink it or not. Just remember that for almost any brand today there is a gluten free alternative and this includes beer.

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