Is potassium sorbate gluten free? YES, it is an additive that does NOT contain any gluten ingredients and it is safe to consume by people with celiac or people avoiding gluten in their diet.

I honestly didn’t know what potassium sorbate is not so long ago, but when I found out, boy, was I hooked.

In this post we will review what sorbate is, whether or not there is gluten in potassium sorbate at all or not and much more.

Gluten free score for potassium sorbate

We scored potassium sorbate a 10/10 on the gluten free score as it is a man made additive that contains no gluten.

What is potassium sorbate

It’s a food additive that is man made and mainly used to preserve food because it can inhibit growth of mold, fungi and yeast. It’s basically a chemical that has no smell and no flavor and it’s derived from sorbic acid and potassium hydroxide.

If you think it’s a rare thing to find potassium sorbate in the food you eat, think again. It can be found in a lot of baked foods, canned fruits, some vegetables and even soft drinks. So yeah, you consume it often. In general, the more processed the food you buy, the more likely it is to have the additive.

Is it safe to consume potassium sorbate

After reading the previous section, the obvious question comes to mind, if we can find it in many foods we eat, is it even safe? Well, the FDA has stated that consuming potassium sorbate is safe when using it properly in foods, and with clear amounts.

Potassium sorbate nutrition facts

Calories 660g
Saturated fat0g
Protein 0g

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