Is Pepperoni Gluten Free? Info and Safe Brands

  • Pepperoni is naturally gluten free.
  • Ingredients used in making Pepperoni do not contain gluten. 
  • However, some brands may use preservatives and grains.
  • But there are some gluten-free brands to consider. 

Is pepperoni gluten free? What can be more tempting than a large pepperoni pizza and a can of coke on your table? From Netflix and chill nights to Saturday parties, from comfy inside dates to dine-outs, pepperoni pizza can be the best form of a titbit. Don’t drool already!

Among all other toppings, Pepperoni is the most famous and popular one. Guess why? Its taste will make you fall in love. 

However, there is one slight problem. Dining out or enjoying every kind of cuisine is a biggie when speaking about gluten-sensitive people. People like us always have to be sure of the food’s gluten content before eating it. Hence, before enjoying anything made with Pepperoni, it is vital for us to know whether they contain gluten or not!

Therefore, this article is intended to find out the status of gluten in Pepperoni. Hold tight!

Is Pepperoni Gluten Free? What is Pepperoni?

Is Pepperoni Gluten Free

Pepperoni is an American variant of salami. Generally, it is made from cured beef and pork. It looks bright red in color and is often seasoned with chili or paprika.

Pepperoni is one of the most popular pizza toppings all over the world. Only in America do people consume over 251.7 million pounds of Pepperoni. 

The name Pepperoni is an evolved form of peperone. The root word originated in Italy and meant bell pepper. 

Some people believe that pepperoni is an American-Italian invention, whereas salami is essentially Italian. However, there is another slight difference between the two of them. Salami is usually spicier, but pepperoni, on the other hand, is the lighter and softer version. 

What To Consider While Following a Gluten-free Diet?

The recent surge of gluten sensitivity has put a restriction on the food habits of people. Especially the ones affected with celiac disease have to be super conscious when choosing something to eat. 

Gluten is a protein compound, and it is naturally found in crops like wheat, barley, semolina, and many more. The sticky feature or the elasticity of these things is because of gluten. 

Before you grab and start gobbling food with no wheat, let us warn you further. 

Cross-contamination is a serious thing. In some factories or production houses, sometimes non-gluten products get contaminated. However, the gluten content is not too high usually. But people with profound gluten sensitivity or celiac disease should avoid it. 

In ready-made food or canned food, you can look at the ingredients used from the label. The best way to ensure a product’s glute statement is to check the label. Gluten-free products usually carry a particular indication label by which you can understand that it is safe to eat.

Is Pepperoni gluten free?

Is Pepperoni Gluten Free

Pepperoni, as we mentioned earlier, is basically cured beef and pork. It is seasoned with pepper, paprika, and sometimes some other ingredients. Usually, it will look like a gluten-free item. 

But is it really so? Let’s find out.

You will be happy to know that pepperoni is considered to be gluten free.

That means people with a surface-level sensitivity can enjoy Pepperoni anytime. However, there are some other ingredients used in some specific brands. For example, some manufacturers use white vinegar as a preservative. If that’s the case, it is a no-no for gluten-sensitive people

Even cross-contamination can cause real issues sometimes! If you have severe sensitivity, you will obviously not want to walk down that aisle!

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Thankfully, there are some brands that produce Pepperoni without gluten. Let us know about some of the brands. 

Gluten free Pepperoni Brands

#1 Hormel

The first brand that we are going to highlight is the Hormel brand. The crown of the most famous gluten-free brand should probably be over Hormel’s head.

Their official website confirms the allergen information. Apart from it, we have personally contacted the company and got it covered. From the brand, you can try the following:

  1. Hormel® Pepperoni 
  2. Hormel® Pepperoni Snack Bites
  3. Hormel® Pepperoni Minis 
  4. Hormel® Pepperoni Stix 

#2 Armour Pepperoni

Another famous gluten free pepperoni brand would be Armour pepperoni. Their ingredient information confirms that their pepperoni has no gluten.

Additionally, this is a cheaper option with great value because you get over 70 slices of Pepperoni in one pack. Value for money, right?

The original Armour pepperoni contains:

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Oleoresin of Paprika flavor
  • Garlic
  • Lactic acid
  • Sodium Nitrate
  • BHT
  • BHA
  • Citric acid 

You can enjoy pepperoni from this brand without the slightest tension. 


  •  Why is there gluten in pepperoni?

To know the answer to the question, we must understand one fundamental thing about pepperoni. It is fundamentally processed meat. Like salami, hot dogs, and sausages, pepperoni is also processed and cured. Now, some manufacturers use preservatives such as white vinegar and some grain crops like nuts and wheat or wheat derivatives while processing. Hence, the gluten. 

  • Can celiacs eat pepperoni?

Pepperoni is generally considered gluten free. However, cross-contamination can be a pain in the neck. But as long as a gluten free brand is consumed, there is nothing to worry about. 

  • Does cheese have gluten?

You might be curious about the gluten presence in cheese. According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, any item from the dairy group can be considered gluten-free. Hence, cheese is generally gluten free. However, there might be a chance of cross-contamination.


So, we have had a long discussion over Pepperoni and its gluten statement. And we’ve concluded that Pepperoni is usually gluten free. So you might enjoy them freely.

However, people with severe gluten-sensitive conditions are suggested to consume Pepperoni from a registered gluten-free brand. That way, they will be helped to avoid complications regarding cross-contamination. 

We hope we could deliver you sufficient information about Pepperoni. 

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