• Pantene is not totally gluten free.
  • Different products may contain a minimal amount of gluten.
  • The external fragrance may or may not add gluten to the product. 
  • However, the fragrance-less items are claimed to be gluten free.

Is Pantene gluten free? Do you think that gluten is essentially meant to be inside edible items only? Many products other than food items may contain gluten. Let’s take, for example, hair care products tend to use essence from grain-based crops. And that is the primary source of gluten!

Some of the most reputed brands that people worldwide use regularly may contain gluten. And while naming the list, one of the most popular brands is Pantene. 

It is an inexpensive brand to afford and readily available products. But, gluten presence is sketchy because none can answer that. 

Does that mean gluten intolerant people should never touch Pantene?

Well, that is what we are going to answer in this article. We will also know a bit more about gluten and its effect on hair care and dermatological products. 

Hold tight!

Is Pantene Gluten-free?

Is Pantene gluten free

Let me be transparent. This question is debatable because no one has answered it correctly. However, after lots of research and inquiries, we have gathered the correct information.

The products by Pantene are allergen-free. Also, they are dermatologically tested products. 

Now, here’s the thing. The gravity of the matter is much more when it comes to gluten. Hence we tried to reach the brand itself. And here is what we’ve got. 

The brand has confirmed that the manufacturers do not use gluten directly. Hence there’s no chance of contamination at this point.

So, you might think Pantene to be the perfect match on the first go. 

Not so fast! 

Like almost all other hair care brands, some products of Pantene contain some external fragrance essence. It gives the product its staple aroma. The manufacturers have confirmed the fact!

Now, these essences might or might not include gluten. If they do, the product automatically comes with gluten. But, the amount is minimal.

“Therefore, it’s possible that a very small amount (general parts per million) of gluten may be present,” they said. 

As a solution, the fragrance-less product comes at your disposal. The primary source of gluten is grain crops (wheat, rye, barley). The products that do not come with essence from these crops are safe to use. So, you might give them a shot.

Is Pantene gluten free

Why is there gluten in shampoo?

Before jumping straight to the point, let us know a little more about gluten. 

So, gluten is an insoluble protein composite. It is mainly found in grain crops (wheat, rye, barley). Gluten is made up of two components named gliadin and glutenin. 

This mainly causes the elasticity of the dough. But, what is its function in hair care products?

This protein composite adds volume to your hair. Also, it holds your hair well and strengthens also. 

However, this does not mean that gluten free hair care products are not suitable for you. They use alternatives. 

Can skin absorb gluten?

The immediate answer to this question is No! 

We have mentioned earlier that gluten is a protein composite. It contains two primary components, gliadin, and glutenin.

 The National Celiac Association, Beyond Celiac, said that our skin could not absorb gluten. 

The main reason behind that is the size of gluten particles. They are pretty huge to be absorbed (don’t expect to see them with your bare eyes!). 

So, that ends a part of our problem. 

Now, gluten is adequate or can harm you (if you are gluten intolerant) only if it is ingested. This means you have to eat or push the gluten particles inside your body. Hence, that is not much of a problem with shampoo and conditioners. 

It should not create a complication unless and until your skin has lesions to intake gluten in great quantities. Scholars like Dr. Alessio Fasano have said that. 

Why should you consider Gluten free shampoo and conditioners?


Generally, gluten free shampoo and conditioners use alternatives for gluten. Hence they come with natural ingredients. 

Also, they are generally free from toxic chemicals. So, using a gluten free brand promotes your hair’s health by cutting off all the harmful toxins. 

However, the results might take a little time to show. This period is called the detox period, and it lasts for about three to four months. At this time, when you choose a gluten free product, your hair comes back to its normal stage. 

That said, if there are some gluten symptoms, they should go away within the first or second month. Some of the common ingredients like cetyl stearyl alcohol, sulfate, or fragrance essence can be allergic. Make sure you are not showing any other signs because of that.

Things to check while purchasing gluten free products

The best way to be sure of the gluten-free factor is to check the label. It mentions every ingredient that has been used. Also, the gluten free certificate is shown. 

Now, this might be tricky. The ingredients written over your favorite shampoo bottle might give you a hard time decoding them. It is almost like reading a foreign language!

Here’s what you can do at that time. First, you can directly contact the manufacturer to be sure. 

This might take a little time. So the best option is to look for products that specifically say or mention the gluten free certified factor. 

Also, make sure you disqualify the product if the following items are used:

  1. Wheat
  2. Rye
  3. Oats
  4. Barley

The derivative items from these should also go in the disqualification list. 


After many research and inquiries, we have found out valuable information about Pantene. Therefore, as a bottom-line conclusion, we can say that the fragrance-less products from the brand are safe to use. 

Yet, It is better to check the label before using it. 

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