Modelo beer is NOT gluten free and should not be consumed by people with celiac or people who are avoiding gluten.

As a beer lover, I wonder is Modelo gluten free or not? And mostly because the company really invested a lot in marketing lately that it seems like his beer is everywhere.

Well, in this post we will cover whether or not Modelo beer contains gluten, a little bit more on the brand itself and more.

Gluten free score for Modelo beer

We scored Modelo beer a 1/10 as it contains barley malt which contains gluten. Like most other beers, Modelo is NOT gluten free.

Is beer gluten free in general?

Most beers are not gluten free because of the brewing process and ingredients. Most beers are made using barely or malt which naturally contain gluten. There are some exceptions like brands that offer gluten free beers like the a&w root beer which offers a quality beer which is safe to drink.

More about Modelo beer

Modelo has been in production since 1925 and it is manufactured in Mexico and then imported into the US. The beer is of a pilsner type which a rich flavor and a golden color which is comprised of touches of honey and hint of herb. Many have adopted this beer brand as their preferred beer for sports games and BBQ with friends.

As of writing this article, Modelo has managed to take the top spot in the US as the most popular beer brand, topping Bud Light, which is by far the most popular beer now after Modelo.

Here are the ingredients of Modelo beer

MaltNon-malted cereals

Nutrition information

  • Calories per serving – 143
  • Alcohol level – 4.4%
  • Fat – 0 grams
  • Protein – 1.1g
  • Sodium – 20mg
  • Potassium – 90mg

If you’re a beer lover and looking for other brands that offer GF, check out these articles about Asahi beer which has one GF option and more.

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