Busch beer is NOT gluten free because it contains barely which is a grain that naturally has gluten in it.

While some specific beer brands have gluten free options, and they mostly either just don’t use grains that contain gluten, or use a process where they filter out the gluten protein out of the beer while making it, Busch does not, and therefor it is not safe to drink by people with Celiac or people avoiding gluten.

Gluten free confidence score of Busch beer

busch beer gf confidence score

We scored Busch beer with a 0/10 because it contains barely and there is no effort in the manufacturing process to remove gluten.

What about beer in general?

Beer in general is NOT gluten free, as most beers contain grains that naturally have gluten in them like barely, malt and other cereals.

There are a few specific beer brands that offer gluten free beer which you can see here. But in most part, people with celiac should avoid from drinking beer as a whole.

More about Busch beer

The company behind Busch beer is Anheuser-Busch and you might know other beer brands they make like Busch Ice, Busch NA and more. The most popular beer they make is probably Budweiser and Bud Light, with Stella Artois and Ultra coming in as second favorites.

The company head quarters is located in St. Louis and has been there since 2008. Today it is considered the largest brewing company in the world and it’s easy to see why based on the brands they produce.

Nutrition facts and ingredients

Busch beer advertises on their website that their beer brand contains only four ingredients:

  • Barely
  • Rice
  • Hops
  • Water

While this may not be the full list of ingredients, it is what the official manufacturing site shows.

NOTE – beer and liqueur manufacturers are not required by law to disclose all their ingredients so we need to take what we have

If you wish to see nutrition facts about the beer, look at the table below

Calories 114
Protein 0.8g

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