Belvedere vodka is gluten free and safe to drink by people with Celiac or people avoiding gluten.

While the vodka brand itself is made from 100% pure Polish rye, and as we all know rye contains gluten, the process of making the vodka is that of distilling it 4 times before the finished product is introduced to the market. A lot of alcohols are doing the same process of distilling their drinks and with that, they remove the gluten and sometimes sugars from the ingredients.

Gluten free confidence score of Belvedere vodka

We scored this vodka with a 7/10 mainly because while it is distilled and the finished product does not contain gluten based on the company, it is still made from 100% rye, which is a gluten containing base. Act with your own discretion before deciding if to drink it or not.

Is vodka in general gluten free?

Most vodkas are in fact gluten free because they are made from grains like corn, potatoes etc, and these do not contain gluten. Also a lot of alcohol manufacturers today are using the distilled process which leaves the end product clean from gluten.

More about Belvedere vodka

The name of the brand is after Belweder which is a Polish presidential palace in Warsaw. You can notice that the palace itself is on the bottle’s label. The drink itself is manufactured exclusively in Poland in the city of Zyradow but it is distributed world wide.

It is considered a luxury vodka brand while it was introduced in the US in 1996 and is sometimes referred to as a super premium vodka.

The brand also has a few flavors of vodka besides the original baseless vodka. Here are the flavors:

Mango Passion Lemon Tea
Pink Grapefruit Bloody Mary
Black Raspberry Orange

In 2005, the holding company LVMH has bought a 100% stake in the vodka brand officially becoming its new owner. If you don’t know who is LVMH, just know they own massive companies in the fashion and alcohol space.