Is Bacardi rum gluten free? YES! In fact, it is safe to drink all the brand’s falvors as the poplar drink contains sugarcane which is gluten free.

According to the FDA, all distilled alcohols are considered gluten free, however you should still check and make sure the ingredients of the drink you are about to drink, more so if it is a cocktail that is mixed with other ingredients.

Is Bacardi Rum Gluten Free

a scale showing the gluten free confidence score of bacardi rum

Bacardi Rum gluten free confidence score = 9/10

NOTE – Please be aware that Bacardi Silver is NOT gluten free as it’s made from a malt base.

List of Bacardi Rum flavors

  • White
  • Spiced
  • Reserva Ocho
  • Gran Reserva Limitada
  • Gran Reserva Diez
  • Gold
  • Superior
  • Dark
  • Coconut
  • Black
  • Anejo Quarto

Bacardi ready to drink types

Lime and SodaSunset Punch
Bahama MamaLimon and Lemonade

What is Bacardi Rum

Created by Facundo Bacardi Masso from Spain, Bacardi took over the world by storm. Trough a lot of trying and tasting, the rum brand built a clean, and very distilled drink that is now considered a staple of the rum category.

The company was started in 1912 after Masso and his family migrated to Cuba, when the US occupied Cuba the company started to expand and other their brand in Barcelona and New York City. During the 20s where it was forbidden to consume alcohol, American tourists would travel to Cuba to drink the popular drink with out fear.

The company continued to grow over the years and have been passed down for three generations while also moving its headquarters to Havana in the 1930. Today you can find the drink in almost any country in the world.