• Fudge is a popular candy made with sugar, milk, and butter. 
  • Fudge does not have gluten. 
  • Some brands add gluten for consistency and flavoring. 
  • You should check the ingredient list before buying fudge.

People love this delicious candy made with sugar, butter, and milk called Fudge. It comes in many flavors, chocolate being the most popular among all. But the common question gluten-sensitive people have is if fudge has gluten.

Whenever I see any candy shop selling fudge, I can hardly resist myself, and I know many people like me who can die for this candy. 

Should we be careful? We will throw light on this recurrent question; therefore, keep scrolling through to know the whole truth. 

Fudge: The Most Loved Candy 

Does Fudge Have Gluten

Fudge is one of those candies that have been a cult favorite. People make it by combining sugar, butter, milk, salt, and other ingredients. The word fudge is often used as a synonym for chocolate, but that’s not true. 

Chocolate is one of the dominant flavors, but other options like- marshmallow, peanut butter, and maple walnut fudge are available. The secret to getting a perfect fudge is cooking the ingredients at the ideal temperature. Now let’s move on to the main question if fudge has gluten. 

Does Fudge Have Gluten? 

Fudge may or may not have gluten. The principal ingredients of fudge- sugar, milk and butter do not contain gluten. But many brands find ways to slip in gluten substances to make the mixture more flavorful and thicker. 

If you make fudge at home with the three main ingredients mentioned above, your candy will be absolutely gluten free. But adding things like peanut butter or cookie crumb to the ingredient list adds gluten to the ultimate product. 

Similarly, fudge available in the candy shop is not always gluten free. They use flour for thickening, so again making it not gluten free. Hence, before buying, you must check the ingredient list and see if the candy contains gluten. 

What Is Gluten? 

Gluten is a protein typically found in grains like- wheat, semolina, barley, rye, etc. It is a type of binding substance that works like glue. Common food items where gluten is dominant are- bread, pasta, cereals, sauces, and baked food—basically all items with flour. 

Apart from elasticity, people use gluten as a thickener or stabilizer. It also helps with moisture retention. Although gluten has no major health risks, people allergic to it may fall seriously sick if consumed accidentally.

Additionally, people with celiac disease must stay away from gluten products. 

Are Different Flavors of Fudge Gluten Free? 

Does Fudge Have Gluten

As we all know, fudge comes in multiple flavors like vanilla, maple, chocolate, and more. Let’s find out if these flavors contain gluten or not. 

  • Vanilla Fudge

Ingredients used in vanilla fudge are- sugar, butter, light corn syrup, vanilla, and heavy cream. None of the ingredients contain gluten, so vanilla fudge is gluten free. However, if you buy it from a candy shop, the ingredients may not be 100% clean. 

  • Maple Fudge 

Maple fudge includes maple syrup, butter, heavy cream, and nuts (optional). This variety is also gluten free, especially when you make it at home. 

  • Chocolate Fudge 

The ingredients used in chocolate fudge are- cocoa, sugar, vanilla, butter, chocolate chip (optional), and condensed milk. Chocolate fudge is also gluten free until there is no cross-contamination. 

  • Caramel Fudge

Caramel fudge is made by mixing butter, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, brown sugar or golden syrup, and white chocolate chips. Caramel fudge is also gluten free as long as the ingredients you use have no gluten. 

  • Cookie Cream Fudge 
Does Fudge Have Gluten

This variety of fudge isn’t gluten free. The cookie crumbs used to make this fudge contain gluten; hence gluten intolerant people should avoid this variant. 

There are a lot more flavors available in the market other than these. If you are seeking gluten free options, it’s best to check the ingredient list first instead of grabbing your favorite flavor as soon as you see it. 

Is Fudge Vegan? 

No, fudge isn’t vegan. As you can see, butter, heavy cream, and milk are the primary ingredients in fudge flavors; therefore, these are not vegan-friendly options.

If you’re vegan and still want to taste fudge, you can use coconut milk as an alternative

Wrapping Up 

Fudge is one of the favorite candies of kids and adults alike. I hope this post helped you get the information about fudge being gluten free or not. 

If you make the candy at home with gluten free ingredients, it’s safe for consumption. There might be a chance of cross-contamination for store-bought ones at any time.  

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