• Slim Jims are a salty snack made with beef and mechanically separated chicken. 
  • Slim Jims are popular everywhere around the world. 
  • Slim Jims are not gluten free.  

Are Slim Jims gluten free? NO, Slim Jims are not considered gluten free as they are not clearly marked by the manufacturer and we can’t say for certain if the ingredients are gluten free or not.

Slim Jim is a popular American snack invented by Jack Commella for the first time in 1929 in Philadelphia. Slim Jims are basically a salty snack made of beef that comes in the long round sticks of plastic wrapping. 

Gluten Free Confidence Score for Slim Jims

are slim jims gluten free

The two primary ingredients used in Slim Jims are beef and chicken. People globally love having this snack because of its taste, and the slim packaging makes it easier to have it on the go. 

The recent surge of gluten intolerance among people has made them conscious of their food choices. Although people love grabbing a bite of the slim jim, they often question its gluten status. Is Slim Jims gluten free? 

We will get to know the truth here in this post. If you want to know it too, then continue reading. 

More about Slim Jims: The Popular American Snack 

are slim jims gluten free

The first thing noticeable about Slim Jim is their slick packaging making them easy to bite. The popular slogans used for Slim Jim marketing are- “eat me” and “snap into a Slim Jim.” Beef and mechanically shredded chicken are the two main ingredients of an authentic Slim Jim. 

Slim Jims are available in three sizes- the smallest variant, the giant ones, the second variant, and the monster size, which is the final option available. The monster size Slim Jim snacks are much thicker, and they have more flavor choices than the small ones. 

Slim Jims are like meat candy that you can have as a quick snack. It has a slightly meaty smell when you open the packaging but won’t affect your taste buds. Slim Jims have a strong savory taste because of the umami used in the ingredient list. 

Are Slim Jims Gluten Free? 

The straight answer is NO; Slim Jims are not gluten free. Con Agra is the company that makes Slim Jims, and they list all their gluten free products separately on the website. The name of Slim Jim is absent from the list, making them absolutely not gluten free. 

The ingredients used in Slim Jims are- beef, pork, mechanically separated chicken, textured soy flour, salt, water, corn syrup, paprika, dextrose, hydrolyzed soy protein, sodium nitrite, citric acid, lactic acid, barley malt extract, soy lecithin. 

There are multiple flavors available for Slim Jims, which are- 

  • Mild flavor
  • Tabasco spice 
  • Philly Cheese Steak
  • Nacho flavored 
  • Sweet and hot
  • Cali taco 
  • Cracked pepper
  • New York buffalo 
  • Kinda hot chili pepper 
  • Really freaking hot 
  • Freaking hot jalapeno 
  • Tangy BBQ slim jim
  • Habanero flavored 
  • The spicy chili garlic flavor 
  • Smokehouse original 
  • Memphis BBQ 

All of these Slim Jim flavors contain gluten; hence, gluten free people should stay away from them. 

How Gluten Can Affect Your Health? 

Gluten is naturally present in grains like barley, rye, wheat, etc. It has binding properties, which helps in holding ingredients and also adds elasticity to food items. Gluten does not necessarily cause health issues in everyone. 

However, some people are intolerant to it, and if they continue consuming it unknowingly, it will result in serious health issues. Some of the common side effects of gluten are- bloating, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, malnutrition, intestinal damage, weight loss. 

Some people also experience itchy eyes, shortness of breath, cramps, nausea, itching in the throat and mouth. Therefore, people with celiac disease should stay away from any food item with gluten. 

Is Slim Jim Healthy? 

are slim jims gluten free

If you are very health-conscious, Slim Jims are not the best snack to grab. They contain ingredients with chemical preservatives and high sodium content, which is not healthy at all. But if you still crave them, once in a while should be fine but not as an everyday snack.


  1. Is eating Slim Jim daily bad for you? 

Yes, eating this savory snack every day can be harmful to your health. Each Slim Jim contains six gms of sodium nitrate; hence consuming it daily considering other preservatives used in the product can put you at a great health risk. 

  1. What are the primary ingredients in Slim Jims? 

Beef and mechanically separated chicken are the primary ingredients in Slim Jims. Sometimes they add beef as well. 

  1. How many calories are there in one Slim Jim? 

One small Slim Jim packet contains 60 calories. 

Wrapping Up 

Although Slim Jims are extremely tempting and delicious, they are not gluten free. Ingredients like flour and barley used in the original Slim Jim recipe contain gluten. Therefore, if you are gluten sensitive or gluten intolerant, it’s best to stay away from this snack.

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